Zeus , age 1

Zeus is a purebred German Shepard who was born on December 27th of 2014. I waited 40 years for a purebred German Shepard and got him as a Valentines day/birthday/Christmas present. Zeus became my entire world. I read all of the puppy books and did all the training with him and it was wonderful to watch him grow and change at the same time.

One day while I was brushing him, I noticed a few sores on his back. I immediately called our veterinarian and they had to shave the lower half of his back to find out that he somehow contracted a staph infection. The veterinarian was concerned that his hair might not completely grow back in, so he suggested that I try Canine Omega Benefits on Zeus.

Now his coat is as soft and beautiful as it was when he was little. This is a fantastic product. Thank you so much for giving my baby his beautiful fur coat back.

- Zeus 's owner, Nikki
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