Transparent Nutrition™ FAQs

Q: How do I transition my pet from its current food to Transparent Nutrition™?

A: When transitioning your pet to our diet, we recommend you make a gradual transition over 10 days.
Day 1-3: 25% new food, Day 4-6: 50% new food, Day 7-9: 75% new food, Day 10: 100% Transparent Nutrition


Q: What is the shelf life of an open bag?

A: An unopened bag will last up to 18 months. When pet foods are taken out of their bag and emptied into a plastic or metal container,
the shelf life is reduced 15-20%. The best way to store our food is to roll down our specially designed bags and remove the additional air.
This will preserve the integrity of the nutrients for up to 3 months once opened.


Q: What does it mean to be certified by the Global Animal Partnership?

A: The chicken in our Antibiotic Free Chicken and Brown Rice Diet is certified free-range, humanely raised by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP).
GAP is a non profit alliance committed to improving the welfare of farm animals. To learn more about GAP, visit


Q: What does it mean to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council?

A: The MSC is an international non-profit organization established to address the problem of unsustainable fishing, and safeguard seafood
supplies for the future. The MSC works with partners to promote sustainable fishing and transform markets. The MSC’s certification program
enables us to help secure a healthy future for our oceans. For more information, visit


Q: What does it mean to be USDA certified organic?

A: Transparent Nutrition is certified organic because we abide by the USDA’s strict production and labeling regulations to be certified organic.
To learn more, visit


Q: The recommended feeding amount seems small compared to what I’m used to feeding my pet.
Why is this?

A: Transparent Nutrition™ is a calorie rich, premium food that is optimally balanced to provide the correct nutrition for your pet.
You simply don’t need to feed as much (which will make your bag last longer) actual food for your pet to get the same nutrition.


Q: How do I make changes to my personal auto-refill?

A: To change your delivery date, diet, the size or number of bags, credit card information, or delivery address,
please call a pet health coach: 855-876-7387.